No, those are not lawyers (well, I don’t think), but are the rats found in a NYC Taco Bell – remember the recent E. coli outbreak?  We are representing nearly two dozen people sickened after eating E. coli contaminated tacos at Taco Bells in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Anyway, back to Peanut Butter – Jennifer Emert from WALB News 10 and I spoke by phone about the recent recall of Con Agra Peanut Butter:

Here are today’s other major developments. A Seattle attorney today filed a class action lawsuit with more than three-thousand people who believe peanut butter made them sick, and production at the Sylvester ConAgra Foods plant is still stalled.

Seattle Attorney Bill Marler has filed a class action lawsuit against ConAgra Foods. “The calls have come in from every corner of America, several foreign countries and we even got an e-mail from a Sergeant serving in Iraq, who’d gotten the peanut butter in a care package.”

Also, last Friday I spent a pleasant hour talking with NPR correspondent Margo Adler of Justice Talking.  And camera crew from CNN  And Oregonian reporter, Alex Pulaski

All are doing stories that will air or be in print over the next few weeks.  Food safety and the rash of recent outbreaks and illnesses tied to our food supply is finally getting the attention is requires.