I am just waiting for the gleeful press release from China – "China Says Nope to US Peanut Butter."

I can hear the howling of US interests who abhor imports of all kinds – people, food (poisoned or not) – Lou Dobbs, are you listening?  Hey, not to say that China’s food production safety record

I am sitting at home not wanting to head to the airport for a trip to New Orleans (it is Thanksgiving weekend anyway) to meet with lawyers and insurers from ConAgra (sounds fun?).  I must admit that I am skeptical of the meeting given that to date ConAgra has resolved no claims of any significance

No, those are not lawyers (well, I don’t think), but are the rats found in a NYC Taco Bell – remember the recent E. coli outbreak?  We are representing nearly two dozen people sickened after eating E. coli contaminated tacos at Taco Bells in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Anyway, back to Peanut Butter

Carol M. Ostrom, Seattle Times staff reporter, spent a few hours in our office today.  Below is her report:

A Kent woman and a Bellingham man have filed a class-action lawsuit against a Nebraska-based food manufacturer on behalf of people sickened by Salmonella infections after eating peanut butter later recalled for contamination.

James Winston Daniels