To date, we have filed six lawsuits against ConAgra stemming from this Salmonella outbreak.  We presently represent nearly two dozen people throughout the United States.  Today we are in the ConAgra Pot Pie Manufacturing Facility in Marshall, Missouri inspecting the plant. As my readers might recall, the CDC has published its preliminary findings on the

I am sitting at home not wanting to head to the airport for a trip to New Orleans (it is Thanksgiving weekend anyway) to meet with lawyers and insurers from ConAgra (sounds fun?).  I must admit that I am skeptical of the meeting given that to date ConAgra has resolved no claims of any significance

Josh Funk once again reports on how our government, despite finding errors at industrial food facilities, does not feel the necessity to inform the public of its findings. This despite pot pies having been linked to at least 272 cases of salmonella (65 hospitalized) in 35 states. Mr. Funk’s story follows:

USDA inspectors found flaws

We filed two lawsuits today – one against Cargill on behalf of a Minnesota boy who became ill after eating an E. coli-contaminated hamburger and another on behalf of a Michigan man who became ill after eating a Salmonella-contaminated turkey pot pie.

In the Minnesota case:

According to the complaint, Scott Reber ate a

CDC confirms Salmonella Pot Pie outbreak has been ongoing since January 2007 – a month before the Salmonella outbreak tied to ConAgra peanut butter was announced in February 2007.

Investigation of Outbreak of Human Infections Caused by Salmonella I,4,[5],12:i:-

CDC is collaborating with public health officials in multiple states across the United States and with