I learned a long time ago to “try” and not argue politics (people still think Obama is a Muslim) or religion (people still think the earth is 5,000 years old) with people.  Regardless of the facts, folks tend to dig in their heels and can not hear another side’s perspective.  However, after listening to the religion and politics of the “Raw Milk Folks” denying the facts of this outbreaks for nearly three years, I have had enough.  Here are the facts:

Click above to download PDF.  Here are Exhibit 1 and Exhibit 2.  Here is a Pro and Con Paper that I wrote.  Here is the Weston Price Foundation’s Response.  One of my “fans” asked me what the above-document was prepared for and by whom?  The answer is that it was prepared by me and given to counsel for Organic Pastures and the grocery stores so they would better understand our position in the litigation.  We have nothing to hide.  I also told him with respect to his version of the facts – “Obama could be a Muslim and the earth could be 5,000 years old.  All possible, but very, very unlikely.”

And, yes, I do understand that pasteurized milk – more specifically – improperly pasteurized milk or milk that becomes contaminated AFTER pasteurization – has caused a lot of human illnesses – see link.  I am suing them too.  By the way, here are two links, 1 and 2, to what happened to two of the children who drank Organic Pastures Raw Milk.