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WDBJ reports that the Virginia Department of Health is offering free Hepatitis A vaccines for restaurant workers.

The Roanoke City Alleghany Health District Director Dr. Cynthia Morrow, says that the Health District will host the vaccination clinic Monday, June 6 at the Williamson Road Branch Library from

I have been and am so proud of the work that Dan, Coral, Joe, Jonan and Cookson do to make this online paper devoted to all things food safety.  It shows in the nearly 50,000 subscribers and now shows in the increasing page views from 2009 (the beginning) to the present.

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STOP petitions government to add Cronobacter to Nationally Notifiable Disease List

This week there were three hearings in Washington D.C. addressing the infant formula shortage and the reasons behind it. FDA officials were pressed about the failure of leadership and disorganization of the recall by Abbott Nutrition. The FDA refused to take food safety seriously

Following the tragedy of the PCA Salmonella peanut outbreak in 2008-2009, that sickened over 700 and killed nine, Dr. Stephen Sundlof of the Food and Drug Administration told lawmakers that agency inspectors will start to routinely collect samples for bacterial testing whenever they go into a peanut butter manufacturing facility.

“We are changing that now

According to the CDC and FDA, at least 4 kids were sickened and of those two died, from drinking Abbott infant formula.  Abbott denies the connection.  However, the resulting investigation and inspection (and whistleblower documents) uncovered enough problems in the Abbott facility to shutter it causing havoc with supplies of infant formula.  The facility is

This week the CDC declared an outbreak of Cronobacter infections over after the FDA received four complaints of Cronobacter infections in infants beginning on September 20, 2021, through January 11, 2022. Two of the babies died. Parents of all four infants reported having fed their children formula produced by Abbott Nutrition before they became ill.