Not naming the restaurant and the dates of exposure deny Pennsylvania residents vital information in order to know if they were exposed and to have time to receive a potentially life-saving vaccination.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Montgomery County Public Health Department announced on January 5th that they are investigating and outbreak of

I could not have said it better and PEW’s conclusion is spot on:

Current poultry policies and regulations treat all Salmonella serotypes and strains as if they pose equal risks to people, despite science showing this is not the case. Food safety interventions on farms, such as vaccines targeting harmful serotypes, have likely contributed to

I got this not from former client on Christmas Day:

Merry Christmas Bill! It’s been 5 years since getting sick and this time of year I’m reminded of how thankful I am for all the good people I met since then, including you and your team. Words truly can’t do justice to how I feel.

Over the last week both the CDC and FDA, along with various State Departments of Health and Agriculture, have been investigating two Listeria outbreaks linked to the consumption of various leafy greens.  Using Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS), product testing and clinical (human) sampling, health authorities have both determined that the source of the infection is

FDA Issues Improvement Plan Focused on Modernizing Foodborne Illness Outbreak Responses 

The following is attributed to Frank Yiannas, FDA Deputy Commissioner for Food Policy and Response,and Stic Harris, D.V.M. director of the FDA’s Coordinated Outbreak Response and Evaluation Network

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has a longstanding commitment to strengthening food safety and better

Since early February 2020, I have continued to do talk on “why it is a bad idea to poison your customers,” but all have been by Zoom or some other video platform.  Today I had the honor to hang with one of my food safety heroes – Craig Wilson – from Costco.  I have known

Volume 28, Number 1—January 2022
Salmonella Serotypes Associated with Illnesses after Thanksgiving Holiday, United States, 1998–2018

Here is the CDC’s conclusion:

Salmonella Reading was the serotype most strongly associated with illness during the Thanksgiving holiday. Given the dramatic increase in turkey consumption around Thanksgiving, one might expect that serotypes we identified are primarily associated

Goodness, it has been a crazy few years.  When the pandemic hit, Marler Clark went all in to help food banks, food service workers and first responders.  As the pandemic has continued (please 40% of our friends and neighbors, please get vaccinated), we have looked to other places to help.  Here is were we are