Recognizing the impact on our communities, we have donated nearly $100,000 to local food banks.  We have also donated $20,000 to area restaurants to serve people in need and to help keep restaurant employees employed.  We are honored to also be serving dinners and lunches to local Police and Fire departments and a local medical clinic that is doing COVID-19 testing.

We need to do more, and we will.  We all need to do more, and I urge all to do what they can.

Marler Clark lawyers and employees have been working from home (well, most – some keep coming to the office) since late February.  Everyone has been all set up at home with phones, faxes, printers, etc., to serve the needs of our clients.

Things have been a challenge.  Courts are closed and hearings are being done via video and phone, albeit slowly.  However, we continue to push the process.

Getting medical records, bills and health department records have slowed, but every day the paralegals “gently” push to get the records needed to prosecute cases.

If anyone is having an issue on their case or need assistance, please email me at or call me at 1-206-794-5043.

Marler Clark is here to serve.