Salmonlla at DeFusco’s Bakery in Rhode Island and Salmonella in Del Monte Cantaloupe in the West and now this.

pancakes.jpgAccording to press reports, illnesses from Salmonella have beenlinked to consumption of sausage at a benefit pancake breakfast held in early March in Thurmont, according to the Frederick County Health Department.

The sausage for the Thurmont event was from a previous event, the Frederick County 4-H Camp Center Country Butchering, held Jan. 27 at the Mount Pleasant Ruritan Club in Mount Pleasant. Samples of sausage sold to consumers from the same butchering were tested at the state health department laboratory and found to contain salmonella.

The Frederick County Health Department has been working with the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the U.S. Department of Agriculture to investigate the outbreak.

  • Doc Mudd

    The venerable 4H (a genuinely good and hopeful outfit) gets caught up in an outbreak – this should be a teachable moment, hopefully.
    Some well-meaning and interested kids (and a few church supporters) now implicitly understand what so many laissez-faire small producers utterly refuse to acknowledge: salmonella does not discriminate large from small producers or international from local food systems.
    Heck, food poisoning bacteria have no qualms about seriously messing with church ladies and 4H kids. The hobby farm vegetable patch and the home kitchen-turned-cottage industry food factory, as well as itenerant cold cash farmers market distribution systems absolutely are all vulnerable to screw-ups and contamination. That only local families will be sickened is little comfort. In fact, I should think it makes it all the more embarrassing.
    Maybe the kids picked up a little Latin out of this mess: caveat emptor, baby, caveat emptor!