The number of cases of Salmonella linked to DeFusco’s Bakery in Johnston, Rhode Island has increased to 43 people. Health officials said 22 of those people have been hospitalized. Of the 43 cases, 42 were from Rhode Island and 1 was from Massachusetts. On Tuesday, health officials said a man who tested positive for salmonella died on March 23. The man was in his 80s and lived in Providence County.

  • Bill Anderson

    All the more reason to have live beneficial cultures as an active protection against the bad guys!!

  • Joe

    So what the hell is a zeppole!

  • Doc Mudd

    Zeppole is an old Rhode Island word meaning “backdoor trots”. Or, maybe it was “Massachussetts quickstep”, I can’t seem to remember, exactly. Oh oh, gotta go!