Arcade Snacks of Auburn, MA is recalling its 15 ounce packages of Candy Corn because they may contain undeclared egg. People who have allergies to egg run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume these products.

Candy Corn was distributed in Massachusetts and Connecticut at the following locations:

  • Johnson Roadside Farm

Public Meeting Registration and Online Stakeholder Portal Now Open

The Reagan-Udall Foundation has opened a Stakeholder Portal to collect perspectives and experiences with FDA’s human foods program. In addition, the Foundation announced a public meeting of its food-focused Independent Expert Panel. 

The Expert Panel wants to hear directly from stakeholders,” said Jane E. Henney, MD

new outbreak of infections from Listeria monocytogenes has been reported by the FDA, bringing the agency’s number of open investigations to 10.

The Food and Drug Administration reports that it has begun on-site inspection and sample testing, but it has not found a specific source for the Listeria. It has not initiated traceback efforts.

The December 2017 Cluster 

In late 2017, three cases of E. coli O157:H7 were reported in Wisconsin. These Wisconsin cases were found to have genetic fingerprints that matched each other, which was an essentially definitive signal to investigating epidemiologists that the cases of illness had a common source. Wisconsin state health officials determined that this

Buitoni affair: new testimonies overwhelm management

The testimonies of several employees of the Buitoni factory in Caudry shed light on the health deficiencies observed in their factory. They denounce a reduction in cleaning time imposed in 2015 and a change of flour in 2021. Investigation by Laetitia Cherel, investigation unit of Radio France.

Employees of the Buitoni site in Caudry denounce serious health deficiencies in their factory.

First, there

The E. coli attorneys at Marler Clark filed additional lawsuits in Michigan Circuit Courts, against Wendy’s, Co., and John Doe Corporation (lettuce producer), on behalf of Zachary Nitz and Ebone Colbert-Taylor.  Both individuals became ill after eating hamburgers at Wendy’s restaurants and were positively identified as part of the multi-state Wendy’s outbreak.  The plaintiffs are