Tonight is the big night for the Tribeca premiere of “Poisoned” and the short red carpet walk. After the showing of the film there will be a Q and A. The movie also will be showing twice on Saturday at Tribeca.

For those who do not want to brave the smokey skies of NYC, the movie will go online through Tribeca and at some point through Netflix. Here is how to access the online version though Tribeca in the coming weeks:


At Home Virtual Screenings will take place June 19 – July 2

      • Members can use their login credentials (email & password) to access the At Home portal. The activation link can be found in your confirmation email.
      • Single ticket holders can redeem their 9-digit voucher code for their screening. This code can be found in the confirmation email. 
    • App: “Tribeca At Home”/ Available on Apple TV, Fire TVRoku
    • TV:
      • Download the OTT app for Apple TV (Gen4 and above), Fire TV, or Roku
      • Chromecast [3rd generation or later Chromecast stick] from a computer using the Chrome browser or an Android device to your TV.
      • Airplay from a computer, iPhone or iPad to your Apple TV (Gen 4 and above) or to any Smart TV bearing the “AirPlay” badge.
      • Connect your laptop to your TV via HDMI, VGA, or DVI cables.
    • Computer:
      • PCs running Windows 7+ [Browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera]
      • Intel-based Macs running macOS 10.12+  [Browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera]
      • *Internet Explorer is not supported
    • iPhone / iPad / Android:
      • Android: use Chrome on Android 6.0 or later
      • iPhone/iPad: use Safari on iOS 11.2 or later 
    • Please note that screen mirroring cannot be used to watch Tribeca At Home. If you attempt to screen mirroring, you will see a black screen with audio playing. Airplay, Chromecast or HDMI cable are the best methods to watch on a television screen if you do not have one of the TV apps.
  • Tribeca At Home FAQ
    • What is a “Watch Window”?
      • A watch window is how long you have to watch a film once you press ‘PLAY’. For Tribeca At Home, this watch window will be 72 hours after you first initiate playback.
    • Can I pause or rewind during the watch window?
      • Yes, you have complete access to the entire program during your watch window.
    • How many times can I watch a film with my At Home Festival Pass?
      • Vouchers have a 72 hour watch window in place. Once the PLAY button has been pressed, 72 hours later the film’s availability will expire – regardless of whether or not the film has been watched in full. You will not be able to start the film again once the watch window has expired.
    • Can I watch the films from anywhere in the USA?
      • Tribeca At Home will be available to access in all 50 states of the USA. At the request of the filmmakers, certain titles might have geo-blocking restrictions. These restrictions will be noted on all relevant content. 
    • Can I watch films on multiple devices throughout my home?
      • You may have up to two devices (i.e. your laptop and OTT device) logged into your account at a time under the same IP address (i.e. the same household/location). Concurrent stream restriction means you are only able to actively stream content on a single device at a time.
    • What if I move from one location to another during the festival?
      • Single-IP restriction means that you can only watch content from a single IP address at a given time. If you move locations but are using the same device, you will have no issue watching films. If you move locations and are watching on a new device, you will need to deactivate the old device before the system will allow you to login on the new device.
      • User activity will be tracked and monitored and accounts will be deactivated if abuse is found (you may not share your account with friends or family who do not reside in the same location as you).

If you cannot resolve any issue redeeming your At Home screening, please contact us at