Standing in the New Orleans Airport yesterday afternoon, I had a nice chat with Mark Morey of the Yakima Herald about the status of the ConAgra Salmonella Peanut Butter litigation (CDC confirms 714 Illnesses) as well as the filing of yet another suit against ConAgra for manufacturing Salmonella Pot Pies (CDC confirms 272 Illnesses – 27 in Washington State).  His article appeared this morning in the Yakima Herald – Woman sues over tainted pies:

Bill Marler, a Seattle attorney who focuses on food safety cases, said Barnes’ case is among 40 that he is handling related to the ConAgra outbreak, which federal health investigators say sickened about 270 people in the United States…. ConAgra said it has improved safety measures, but Marler said Barnes and other victims deserve compensation for their medical treatment…. Marler said the company has not  offered a settlement yet, although he is discussing that possibility as part of other litigation involving tainted ConAgra peanut butter.