Food Safety News reports:

The new administration in Washington has yet to name an Under Secretary for Food Safety, but it has named a “power player” as Deputy Under Secretary for Food Safety. She can take office immediately as Senate confirmation is not required for the USDA job.

Named in the secondary role at USDA’s

In an increasing era of transparency, the FDA, along with its food safety partners at the CDC and FSIS, have for the last several months been listing and announcing  investigations of foodborne illness outbreaks – even if a source is not determined – and may never be found.

The following is a list of outbreak

1.25.2020 FSIS Salmonella Campylobacter Petition FINAL

Food safety advocates are calling on the United States Department of Agriculture to better protect consumers with new enforceable standards that will reduce, with an aim to ultimately eliminate, Salmonella types of greatest public health concern while continuing to target reductions in Salmonella and Campylobacter overall. The petition also

Public health has understandably been focused in 2020 on the pandemic that has killed almost 350,000 of our fellow citizens.  However, in their “spare” time they, and their partners at the FDA and FSIS, have had more than a few food safety outbreaks to contend with.  Thank you for the work you do.  Here is