Food Safety Talk 259: No Bill, You Pay Us

April 4, 2022

The guys are joined by friend of the show and food safety lawyer Bill Marler, for his second time on the show (but first in 8 years). The group talks about food safety advocacy, how the civil legal system supports change within the industry and regulatory world and how Bill’s relationship with Dave Theno shaped his outlook and view on effecting change within the food safety world. The three talk in depth about a current Cronobacter sakazakii outbreak linked to infant formula and the challenges of civil and criminal cases, and the unique aspect of this pathogen not being reportable/notiofiable. The discussion goes to the importance and power of linking food safety to those who have been victims of foodborne illness. The show ends with a discussion on why Bill is working to address Listeria illnesses in South Africa.

Show notes so you can follow along at home:

Food Safety Talk 259: No Bill, You Pay Us
Don Schaffner and Ben Chapman

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