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Today I did a mediation via Zoom.  I must admit, as a person that likes personal contact, talking by video with a former judge, insurance carriers, defense lawyers and clients, about a child that nearly died from complications of an E. coli

One dose of single-antigen hepatitis A vaccine has been shown to control outbreaks of hepatitis A and provides up to 95% seroprotection in healthy individuals for up to 11 years.

Please get one and do not become a statistic – especially, if you are a food service worker.

States with Hepatitis A cases.

I posted this on Food Safety News yesterday.

For those of you who read these fine pages of Food Safety News produced by Dan, Coral, Joe, Jonan, Cookson, and our many contributors on a daily basis for the last ten years, I try not – well, at least – not too often, to interject my