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In 2022 alone, two infants have died and five more are extremely ill due to a deadly bacteria called Cronobacter sakazakii. It is in contaminated baby formula that was sold in grocery stores.

For babies that get infected by this bacteria, up to 80% may die [JAMA October 8, 2014].

Shockingly, this deadly bacteria is not included in the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) list of pathogens reported by hospitals, healthcare providers, and laboratories.

Not having mandatory reporting of the Cronobacter sakazakii(Cro·no·bac·ter sa·ka·za·kii) bacteria slows down outbreak investigations and delays getting tainted food off of grocery store shelves.

Lack of reporting also reduces the ability to discover incidents, identify clusters of illnesses, track down root causes of outbreaks, and medically treat sick babies properly.

Babies are dying and their deaths can be prevented. 

Stop Foodborne Illness (STOP), the “Voice for Safe Food,” needs your voice to protect infants. 

STOP is currently appealing to the FDA, the CDC, and the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists to add Cronobacter sakazakii to the Nationally Notifiable Disease List.

Sign this petition today and help us fight for an urgent and expedited response.