Linda DeGraaf, a client from the 2009 Jimmy John’s (a.k.a., Restaurant A) Salmonella Sprout Outbreak, took it upon herself to ask Jimmy John’s this question by email:

As someone who was sickened by the salmonella outbreak from sprouts in 2009 from a Jimmy Johns sandwich, I feel it is time for you to remove sprouts from the menu. I have not eaten there since my illness and since it is an on-going problem with sprouts, I hope you consider removing sprouts from your restaurant. Hope you give consideration to this.

And, here is Jimmy John’s email response:


We no longer serve sprouts because supplies were too inconsistent.

Thank you,


A similiar response went to a local restaurant by Jimmy John’s himself:

430902_10150657432786096_55341356095_11283539_1801510148_n.jpgAnd from today’s Jimmy John’s Facebook page today:

Jimmy John’s

Sprouts are out, but that doesn’t mean we’re done with this issue; this pic is me this morning in my test kitchen. i discovered this cool veggie, its a snow pea shoot, tastes really yummy and looks really cool on the sammie. if your in Champaign, illinois, go to the unit at 1811 w kirby ave and try em on your turkey tom or veggie or the #12. Peace out folks, the gov can push me down but they aint gonna push me out, i’m not a quitter i’m a doer, hold tight, I’ll keep you posted.