UPDATE:  John Broadhead, attorney for Chamberlain Farms said the farm voluntarily withdrew its cantaloupes last week and that all its retail and wholesale purchasers complied with the recall.  The farm about 20 miles north of Evansville sold cantaloupes to grocery stores in four southwestern Indiana counties and one in southeastern Illinois, Broadhead said in a statement. The fruit was also sold to wholesale purchasers in St. Louis; Owensboro, Ky.; Peru, Ill., and Durant, Iowa, the AP reported.

Late last night, August 22, the FDA reported that Chamberlain Farms Produce, Inc. of Owensville, Indiana “voluntarily” recalled cantaloupe grown on its farm, because it may be one source contributing to the multistate outbreak of Salmonella Typhimurium infections.  The CDC this morning updated the outbreak total to a total of 178 individuals infected with the outbreak strain of Salmonella Typhimurium have been reported from 21 states. The 37 new cases are from 13 states: Alabama (6), Georgia (2), Illinois (4), Indiana (5), Kentucky (6), Massachusetts (2), Minnesota (1), Mississippi (3), Missouri (3), New Jersey (1), Ohio (1), Texas (1), and Wisconsin (2). Since the last update cases have been reported from one additional state, Massachusetts.


The number of ill persons identified in each state is as follows: Alabama (13), Arkansas (3), California (2), Georgia (3), Illinois (21), Indiana (18), Iowa (7), Kentucky (56), Massachusetts (2), Michigan (6), Minnesota (4), Mississippi (5), Missouri (12), New Jersey (2), North Carolina (3), Ohio (4), Pennsylvania (2), South Carolina (3), Tennessee (6), Texas (2), and Wisconsin (4).  62 ill persons have been hospitalized. Two deaths have been reported in Kentucky.

The outbreak was first announced last Friday night, August 17, by the CDC – at that time there was no recall.