As the Associated Press reported yesterday, I filed my lawsuit against Crossroads Farm Petting Zoo Friday on behalf of my clients whose young children got HUS from E. coli contamination at the North Carolina State Fair. Some of these families have more than $100,000 in medical bills, so this won’t be a cheap lawsuit. Not that HUS cases ever are.

And not that there’s any amount of money in the world that could restore what these families have lost. One family had two preschool boys who became severely ill, with one boy hospitalized for 10 days and the other for 17 days. All of the children involved in the lawsuit were 3 or younger.

As the AP reports:

“Twenty-four outbreaks have been linked to fairs and petting zoos since 1995,” Marler said after the lawsuit was filed. “At this petting zoo, procedures were woefully inadequate to prevent an outbreak.”