Frontline MarlerI was proud that many of my clients played a large role is telling this sad story – The first one below is the long version, but all the links below are worth the viewing.

The Trouble with Chicken

Are You Handling Raw Chicken The Wrong Way?

Can We Get to Zero Salmonella in Poultry

Two Agencies, Two Salmonella Standards. Would One Be Better?

What Happens After a Foodborne Illness Outbreak?

Why That Ground Chicken Burger May Not Be As Healthy As You Think

WATCH: When It Comes to Food Safety, How a Whole Chicken Differs From the Sum of Its Parts

Inside the Fast-Food Scandal That Changed How Beef Is Regulated

Is Our Food Safety Process Broken?

Lawmakers Push Two Food Safety Bills After FRONTLINE Investigation

It will be interesting to see if these reports move the food safety needle.