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FBI Seeking Victims in Salmonella-Tainted Peanut Products Case

The Peanut Corporation of America (PCA) plant in Blakely, Georgia was a facility where raw peanuts were roasted and turned into granulated peanuts, peanut butter, and peanut paste, then sold to family-owned businesses and global, multi-billion-dollar food companies alike.

But after a national salmonella outbreak was traced back to the plant, the Food and Drug Administration and the FBI opened an investigation in 2009 into the activity at PCA…and found some very disturbing evidence that PCA officials were knowingly shipping salmonella-contaminated products to their customers—even fabricating laboratory tests to do so.

Yesterday, four former PCA officials were indicted in connection with this scheme. And if you think you’ve been affected by their actions, we want to know about it. As part of our ongoing investigation, we’ve created a questionnaire for potential victims—individuals who became ill from PCA products and/or businesses that purchased them. The information you provide is confidential.

– Press release
– More information from the FBI Office for Victim Assistance
– Fillable questionnaire for potential victims