Perry Stein of the Washington City Paper wrote yesterday that “Washington Post Cafeteria Shut Down After ‘Evidence of Some Mice Activity.’” Apparently, Jeffrey Cox, the paper’s director of administration and operating services, alerted the staff in a company-wide email this morning, writing the “cafeteria will be temporarily closed due to deficiencies found during a routine inspection by the DC Department of Health that occurred yesterday.”

Sound familiar?

In 2010 Stephanie Gaskell of the New York Daily News reported that the “New York Times cafeteria food may be past its deadline.” According to the Daily News, “[t]he Health Dept. is investigating cases of possible food poisoning at the New York Times cafeteria. …The dining room at the paper’s headquarters on Eighth Ave. and 40th St. was shut down Thursday after several employees fell ill with digestive problems. …The kitchen and dining areas are being sanitized and all prepared foods have been tossed. …Health inspectors are on the case but said Thursday night they still haven’t found the cause.”

Interesting that the respective papers did not report on the problems in their own cafeterias?