I think lawyers like me are about as popular and well thought of as congress members and AIG executives.  Just in the last few days I have felt the sting of prejudice when asked to financially support a couple of non-profit groups and projects, but to do so without being directly involved because others would not be if my involvement was known.  I suppose after 23 years of practice I would get used to it.  Actually, I love what I do and am proud of the people I represent who stick up for all of us.  I am off to Washington State University Wednesday to talk about what I do and how I believe that representing people in litigation against food manufacturers serves a positive role for society as a whole.  Go Cougs!  By the way, click on below to view slides.  There are three blank slides that will actually be videos.

  • Glad to see this, Bill. Thanks for spending time attempting to change the public’s perception of trial lawyers. Unfortunately, too few in the profession are actively out there doing this. If the public knew trial lawyers weren’t all ambulance chasers looking for a quick dollar, I think….hope…they’d look at the profession differently.

  • Larry Andrew

    Yes, Patrick is right. I have been surprised myself at the negative reaction of our friends and neighbors when they realize we are attempting to hold those who poisoned my wife accountable.
    Bill, your efforts serve a profound public purpose and will undoubtedly produce improvements in food safety for all.
    Go Ducks!