I got this email this morning – she was commenting on my post over the weekend about putting me out of the beef business:

Good Morning! Hi I am DK, again Thank-You for this long, sad, but truly brilliant blog! As I have written before. I was one of the Jack-in- Box E-Coli victims that was pregnant in the 90’s outbreak. The word must get out, and you are the poison preacher, the poisoned are your flock! But as horrible as it must be to deal in the sick and sadness of poor regulation. The educational good you are giving in these matters, far outweighs the sadness! I must tell 10 people a week about your site. Empowering people to make an educated choice. And, question authority “Vons” or any market, or restaurant. We all assume the authority the markets, etc. we shop at have our best interest in mind. But reality is profit! Thank-You for the better good! The daily education. All of my family, friends, and strangers that I share this information with, truly THANK-ALL-OF -YOU!

Sincerely, DK :)

  • Larry and Karen Andrew

    You should feel good. DK speaks for us also….as victims supported by you and your wonderful staff, we know how important your body of work is to people who do not even know your name. We routinely pass on to our friends and family many of your blog posts on issues we believe will benefit them and their families. You can be sure that no one we know still eats sprouts!

    We expect that all of your current and future clients and friends routinely pass on relevant information from your blog and FSN so that your impact extends far beyond your subscriber level.

  • Paul F Schwarz

    Well my friend, with the present state of food safety, or I should say the state of unsafe food you will not be out of the business in the near future. Maybe the beef business is working on this, but I suspect that corners will be cut at some point in time and another crisis will develop. Since the Jensen Farms listeria debacle I don’t have too much faith in our system.
    We need you on that wall! We want you on that wall!
    My apologies to Jack Nicholson!
    Section 51 Row 1 Grave 3

  • tamara

    I totally agree with DK I was merely noro’d, nothing worse, but I’m finding this blog and the related web sites incalculably valuable. I thought I was a quite scrupulous person before, but I’m even more so now. My eating, cooking, food-washing, and cleaning habits have changed, and I’m able to pass on useful info and warnings to friends and family who might not otherwise become aware of it. And if I ever fall victim to something worse, I know who I’m going to call.