151228_KDB_CHIPOTLE_005The Boston Globe reported that the head of Boston’s restaurant inspection program ate lunch at a Chipotle in Cleveland Circle on Monday afternoon to show he is confident that it is safe to dine at the location after more than 100 people got sick after eating there this month. Commissioner William Christopher, who was joined by his chief of staff, Indira Alvarez, ate at the Cleveland Circle location after the restaurant officially reopened over the weekend following an inspection. Christopher stuck to his current carb-free diet, ordering a bowl with steak, chicken, peppers, onions, and lettuce. “The food was wonderful,” he said. “There were no side effects or anything.”

Is it me, or do the rest of you feel a bit uncomfortable with those in charge of protecting the public from foodborne illness are being used (perhaps willingly or not) as PR shills for a company they are charged with inspecting? Perhaps leave it to elected officials or the agency in charge of promoting business?