And our friends are all aboard
Many more of them live next door

Today I did a mediation via Zoom.  I must admit, as a person that likes personal contact, talking by video with a former judge, insurance carriers, defense lawyers and clients, about a child that nearly died from complications of an E. coli infection, was more than a bit odd.  But, we worked our way through it and I am hopeful over the next weeks that we will get it done. I am not sure this will be our “new normal,” but it will be what is normal for the next several weeks at leas

Over the next weeks, there will be more Court hearing, depositions and mediations done by video if done at all.  We are all going to have to adjust.

We will figure out a way to adjust to make sure that our clients are cared for.

Health departments and doctor offices are going to be to focused on COVID-19 – as they should.  This is going to impact our ability to gather the vital information that we need to prove out clients’ cases.  But, we will figure out a “work-around.”

I have ordered all Marler Clark staff and lawyers to stay home.  Staff has opted to have one person join me in the office per day to answer phones and process mail.  We will order take out from one of our local restaurants to help them as best we can.

Yesterday I posted what Marler Clark is doing to help Food Banks.  We are considering what we also can do to help the homeless – suggestions are welcome.

We all need to think about how lucky some of us are and what we can do to help the more vulnerable – because, “we all live on a yellow submarine.”