Ventura County Public Health had reported that 98 customers and 17 employees were sickened on August 18 and 19, 2015. After customers reported the illnesses to Chipotle, the restaurant notified health department officials and closed on Friday afternoon to clean and bring in new food before reopening on Saturday for lunch. An inspection of the Chipotle location posted Monday referenced violations for:

  • The premises and/or floors, walls, or ceiling are in an unsanitary condition.
  • Equipment or utensils are not clean, fully operative and in good repair.
  • Flying insects were observed within the food facility.
  • Food handlers employed at this facility do not possess a valid food handler card and/or records documenting that food employees possess a valid food handler card are not maintained by the food facility for review as required.
  • Equipment is connected directly to the sewer.
  • Wall and/or ceiling surfaces are deteriorated and/or damaged.
  • The restroom is unclean and in disrepair.

yogi-berra-quote-its-like-deja-vu-all-over-againAnd, here is where Yogi is relevant – from the blog of the Boston Public Health Commission:

After receiving reports of multiple cases of gastrointestinal illness (likely Norovirus) among patrons who ate at the Chipotle Mexican Grill in Cleveland Circle, the Boston Public Health Commission, the City of Boston Inspectional Services Department, and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health launched an investigation to determine the cause and the nature of the illness.  Initial laboratory testing has indicated the presence of norovirus.

There are currently 65 (at least 80 as of an hour ago) known case reports that include Boston College residents, students, and non-BC patrons, but the information is constantly evolving.  The restaurant is temporarily closed while ISD and BPHC continue investigations.

We urge residents to take proper precautions to prevent the spread of illness, which include: washing your hands regularly, avoiding close contact or sharing food and drink with others who might be ill, and staying home if you are ill.