Oklahoma State health investigators have confirmed that at least 248 people have become ill as a result of the E. coli O111 outbreak in Northeastern Oklahoma.  Of that number, 202 were adults and 46 were children.  A Pryor man, Chad Ingle, died.  At least 64 people were hospitalized, including 16 who received kidney dialysis treatment.  Of that number, nine were children and seven were adults.  Investigators said the number of reported cases and hospitalizations may change as state investigators continue their investigation into the source of the outbreak.  The common denominator is the Cottage Grove restaurant in Locust Grove, Oklahoma.

To date the water in the well used at the restaurant has tested negative for E. coli O111, as has both the surfaces of the restaurant and left over food – REMEMBER – all were tested at least a week or more after people dined at the restaurant.