cilantro.jpgA shipment of fresh cilantro, produced and distributed by EpicVeg Inc., which is based in Lompoc, California, is causing a wave of product recalls. The shipment may be contaminated with Salmonella. No illnesses have been reported

Among EpicVeg Inc.’s customers is Field Fresh Foods, a produce supplier that in turn supplies Orval Kent, a maker of refrigerated prepared foods. The company is voluntarily recalling 23 nationally sold products that contain fresh cilantro from EpicVeg Inc.

APPA Fine Foods has also recalled 7,325 pounds of ready-to-eat chicken pasta salad, which is produces for the retail chain, Trader Joe’s. The salad, as well as Orval Kent cilantro salad dressing and dip, have all been removed from Trader Joe’s.

Among the recalled products are: Select California Pizza Kitchen BBQ chopped chicken salad, bistro 28 cranberry mango pico de gallo, Chef Solutions Mexican dip, a number of Fish House items, Fry’s Krab Ceviche, Orval Kent chipotle chicken pasta kit, Orval Kent cilantro pecan dip, Trader Joe’s cilantro dressing, Trader Joe’s cilantro pecan dig and Trader Joe’s spicy peanut vinaigrette.