I have the Honor to speak today at this conference.

It is our pleasure to invite you to a symposium sponsored by the University of Minnesota. There is no fee for this in-person symposium designed to bring together academia, veterinary science and research, public health, agriculture, and affiliated industry in Minnesota to discuss foodborne outbreaks of Salmonella

The goal of the symposium is to inform you with “behind the scenes” science and legal issues that occur during these outbreaks, to stimulate open discussion between groups from different backgrounds, and to promote future collaborative efforts between the different groups in attendance.

Our program features world-renowned experts on Salmonella biology, epidemiology, outbreak investigations, and food safety litigation. The program starts with a complimentary lunch, then takes a deep dive into the complex issues surrounding foodborne Salmonella from various perspectives. There will be opportunities for engagement and interaction with the audience and speakers, both during roundtable discussions and at the reception following our symposium.