Abilene Country.jpgKTXS Ariana Garza has been covering the Salmonella outbreak linked to the Abilene Texas Country Club. According to Ms. Garza, the Abilene-Taylor County Public Health District reported August 17 that more than half of the 64 confirmed cases of salmonella in the area may be linked to the Abilene Country Club. The club addressed the possible 35 cases in a letter to its members on August 21. Mike Bannister, president of the club’s board of directors provided KTXS with a copy of the letter. The letter, signed by General Manager Edward Grothaus III acknowledges the club has been “identified as a potential source of the salmonella type D cases recently reported in our community.”

The July health inspection found the club was storing fruit at temperatures that were too warm. In the letter, Grothaus said the club has purchased a new, refrigerated salad bar along with other refrigerated units to correct temperatures. Grothaus said the club has also voluntarily submitted its food and beverage staff to “specific testing procedures” and that the staff has been “screened and tested.” Additionally, food handlers will undergo food safety classes. The letter states: “We take this situation very seriously and will remain focused on improving our performance.”