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eFoodAlert.com – Your dependable, independent source for food safety news and information releases updated data on Salmonella Outbreak

From the pages of efoodalert – Based on information posted by the three states, and on media reports across the United States, the following 29 states have reported confirmed cases of Salmonella Typhimurium that are linked genetically to the national outbreak.

Arkansas: 3 cases
Arizona: 8 cases
California: 53 cases in 10 counties; 15 or more victims hospitalized
Colorado: 9 cases; 1 victim hospitalized
Connecticut: 6 cases
Georgia: 5 cases; 1 victim hospitalized
Iowa: 1 case
Idaho: 10 cases
Illinois: 4 cases
Maine: 2 cases
Massachusetts: 39 cases
Maryland: 7 cases
Michigan: 20 cases in 13 counties; 7 victims hospitalized
Minnesota: 30 cases; 11 victims hospitalized and 1 possible death
Missouri: 8 cases; 4 victims hospitalized
North Carolina: 1 case
North Dakota: 7 cases
New Hampshire: 10 cases
Nevada: 1 or more cases (state declined to release information on number of cases)
New Jersey: 13 cases (unclear whether suspect or confirmed)
New York: 1 or more cases on Long Island
Ohio: 50 cases
Pennsylvania: 12 cases in 10 counties
Rhode Island: 3 cases
Tennessee: 9 cases; 1 or more victims hospitalized
Texas: 5 cases
Vermont: 3 cases
Virginia: 12 cases; 7 victims hospitalized
Wisconsin: 3 cases

These 29 states account for 335 of the 389 cases of Salmonella Typhimurium infection, assuming that the New Jersey cases have been confirmed.