For nearly a month we have known about the likely link between Revive Mango & Pineapple smoothies and an ingredient known as Tara. To date, in addition to the nearly 350 Daily Harvest cases (also with an ingredient known as Tara), we are representing over two dozen people that have suffered acute liver failure linked

So, who made the Tara, Daily Harvest, Stone Gate, Revive?

As Maya Angelou would say – “when we know better, we do better”.

For those who have been following my blog the last few weeks, there is little surprise that Tara has been the likely link to some or all the illnesses from Daily Harvest

So says the website after being gone for a few days?

Here is my post from Wednesday regarding the missing ingredient.

I suggest folks to follow this Reddit thread – it certainly seems that the numbers of ill coming forward are growing of people with nearly identical acute symptoms – abnormal liver enzymes