For nearly a month we have known about the likely link between Revive Mango & Pineapple smoothies and an ingredient known as Tara. To date, in addition to the nearly 350 Daily Harvest cases (also with an ingredient known as Tara), we are representing over two dozen people that have suffered acute liver failure linked to Mango & Pineapple.  Monday we filed two lawsuits against Revive (a Canadian company) in New York Federal Court. We have filed three lawsuits against Daily Harvest – one on behalf of a woman who lost her gallbladder and on behalf of two minor children – one an infant and one an 11-year-old.

I just got off the phone with a Revive Mango & Pineapple smoothie customer who had her gallbladder removed yesterday and learned about the link between her illness and the product by Yahoo News.

To date, Revive has NOT recalled the product – which may well be frozen in customer’s freezers.  Not recalling a product that is clearly sickening your customers is both legally and morally suspect.  This is all that Revive has done to date – On July 25, 2022, Revive Customer Care sent this email to some customers:

An ingredient we use (tara protein) only in our Mango & Pineapple smoothie has recently been pulled by one of our competitors. Tara protein is widely used in baked goods, smoothies, yogurts, cereals, granola, etc. to give a natural plant based protein boost.

We have conducted numerous independent lab tests for pathogens, toxins, allergens for our Mango & Pineapple smoothie all of which have come back negative. All indications suggest our Mango & Pineapple smoothie is safe to consume, however, out of an abundance of caution we’ve decided to stop shipping this product for now. We are working closely with regulatory authorities for additional testing and guidance.

We have proactively replaced Mango & Pineapple with one of your other picks. This change will also be reflected in your account’s ‘box details’ section.

Thank you for continuing to trust us to bring you nutritious and delicious food right to your door.

Customer Care Team

Revive Superfoods

Revive – Recall the damn Mango & Pineapple smoothies!