Kathleen Doheny of Healthy Traveler did an article today on our client Ernie Lyon of Florida who was sickened with Shigella from an airplane meal (a chicken potpie, a roll and a salad topped with cucumbers and carrots).
From the article:

Lyon, his wife, Debbie, and eight other travelers are suing Gate Gourmet, which prepared the food and services many other major airlines, says Drew Falkenstein, a Marler Clark attorney working on the case. “We have filed a lawsuit against Gate Gourmet for negligence, strict liability and breach of warranty,” Falkenstein says. They are asking for unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

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Marler Clark has filed a second lawsuit against Gate Gourmet, the airline caterer responsible for an August, 2004 Shigella outbreak among passengers on outbound flights departing from Honolulu Airport. The complaint, which was filed Wednesday in United States District Court for the District of Hawaii (Case number CV05-00401 ACK LEK), was filed on behalf of seven more victims of the outbreak.
According to the Hawaii Department of Health, travelers aboard flights departing Honolulu for destinations in Japan, Australia, American Samoa, and twenty-two U.S. states became ill with a genetically indistinguishable strain of Shigella. The first complaint filed by Marler Clark was on behalf of a Florida resident, while the amended complaint includes plaintiffs from Michigan, Maryland, California, South Dakota, and Washington State. All plaintiffs were aboard one of three flights that departed Honolulu for the US mainland on August 22 or 23, 2004.Continue Reading More plaintiffs seek punitive damages in lawsuit against airline caterer

Our client Ernie Lyon is the focus of an article in today’s Star Bulletin after we filed a lawsuit yesterday against Honolulu airline caterer Gate Gourmet yesterday:

Ernie Lyon accused the company of serving food contaminated with the Shigella bacteria, causing him to develop a 104-degree fever and accrue $3,000 in medical bills. The suit