From the Pennsylvania Department of Health

80 total cases

70 in PA

5 in MD

2 in NJ

3 in WV

  • Paul F Schwarz

    I don’t get this raw milk stuff.Why do people take this chance?

  • Joseph Butterweck, DVM, MD

    There is always going to be cases like this and no amount of regulations and enforcement is going to eliminate it. The cost to aggressively continue to enforce “no one should drink raw milk” is not cost-effective. We have more important issues to spend those limited resources. i.e. Importing food products from China and Mexico.

  • Sam

    There will always be people who choose to stick their fingers in the light socket. Raw milk is truly a free market commodity. Those who choose to drink it do so freely, and should be expected to tolerate the consequences of their decisions. Those who survive will likely choose to do so again; those who die will no longer purchase. What is more “free” than that?

  • Alexis

    Ah, if only the innocent child victims had freely chosen to consume raw milk, it would be their own damned fault. But, they don’t get to chose their stupid foodie parents, either.

  • Tamara

    Let’s not forget the burden on the health care system to treat these people when they get sick. The medical bills for serious GI illnesses can be quite astounding.