To have as my 1000th blog post another story about another recall that is not really a recall is far less amusing than it used to be.  Dana Rebik reported that Recalled Pizza are Still On Store Shelves in Memphis Tennessee.

About 5 million Totino’s and Jeno’s frozen pizzas with pepperoni are being recalled. The pepperoni may be contaminated with E. coli. Millions of frozen pizzas are being recalled but today we found them still for sale at stores here in Memphis.  We went to a few different grocery stores and found a Totino’s pepperoni pizza still in the freezer at the Save-A-Lot at Jackson and Decatur. We went back into the store to talk to the manager and ask why. He says he thought he had pulled all of them this morning, but must have not seen that one. The manager says he was actually the one who was proactive about pulling these pizzas this morning, after he heard about the recall. He says Save-A-Lot corporate did not send any notice to his store, and he really did think he had gotten them all out.

We have a silly system of food safety in this country.  There should not be poisoned pizzas available for sale.