The Toronto Star is reporting that Ruby Chinese will close its doors for good following the public health crisis.  The three owners are reportedly set to file for bankruptcy.  The normally packed eatery on Sandhurst Circle was shuttered on October 7 after 37 people became ill after eating there.

Salmonella has been confirmed in 22 cases and is suspected in 15 others, including an elderly man who died of dehydration after a severe case of diarrhea.

“There were issues with proper handling and storing of the food to protect it from contamination. There was a cockroach infestation that was ongoing. It’s possible that these could have [led to the salmonella outbreak,]” revealed Dr. Howard Shapiro of Toronto Public Health.

When I am out speaking to companies, I always tell them that there is a moral (see above in bold) or a business (see picture above) to not poison customers.  Companies have a right to choose why it is a good idea not to poison customers, but for goodness sake, pick one.