This Wednesday I’ll be speaking at the Washington State Bar Association CLE seminar titled Top Lawyers: Learn From Some of Washington’s Best. The smart folks at WSBA realized that law students and young lawyers learn a lot about the law, but rarely hear about career building; building a practice and a life in the law that is rewarding and sustainable.

I kick off the day – my topic is Chasing the Ambulance Away: Reshaping the Role of the Personal Injury Lawyer in Society and the Law. The description is: “William Marler has built his firm, Marler Clark, into a national powerhouse of foodborne illness litigation. In the process, has elevated the role of personal injury lawyer from ambulance chaser to consumer champion and advocate for change. His involvement in the politics of food safety has had a tangible impact on the development of legislation at every level of government. In his speech, he will discuss his view of personal injury litigation, and how it can help build and maintain a safer society.”