The China Daily reported a few days ago that the government has launched a “10 day crackdown on latest milk scare.” And, for good reason – apparently, they need “to track and destroy melamine-tainted milk products nationwide as a 2008 contamination scandal continued to haunt the country.”

According to the paper:

… “[t]he National Food Safety Rectification Office led by Health Minister Chen Zhu ordered the move following reports that leftovers from the melamine-laced milk powder that had killed six children and sickened 300,000 in 2008 resurfaced on the market, mostly in the form of processed food like ice cream and condensed milk.”

… In late January, three domestic companies were found selling melamine-tainted milk products that health authorities said were leftovers from the 2008 tainted milk powder. The products found have been pulled off shelves and executives of the companies involved have been set for prosecution.

You might recall that a few high-ranking government employees and businesspeople have been either executed or sentenced to long prison terms due to food safety scandals. Thus far those criminal sanctions alone have not deterred bad behavior. Perhaps the US needs to export a trial lawyer (back) to China?