It seems that there are more recalls and outbreaks than ever, touching every community. As time and resources are short, I wanted to make you aware of new and retooled resources on food safety, foodborne illness, and food policy.

Marlerblog:  Is my view as a food safety insider and litigator. I use my extensive contacts to publish ahead-of-the-news-cycle reports on foodborne illness outbreaks and recalls as well as the constantly shifting sands of food policy, regulation, and legislation. Marlerblog is considered one of the best sources of food safety information on the web, consistently breaking news and naming sources of outbreaks before the official press releases. Marlerblog is available by email, RSS, Twitter and Facebook (Marler Clark Blog)

Outbreak Database: A free, online, comprehensive database of foodborne illness outbreaks in the US. Search by pathogen, vehicle, keyword, date, and/or state. Is there an outbreak of E. coli in lettuce in your area? Find out about the previous outbreaks are in an instant. Last time tomatoes and Salmonella were linked? Click. Outbreaks related to raw milk? Click.

Food Safety News;  This online newspaper is sponsored by my firm, Marler Clark, but run by four full time reporters and staff. It has a devoted readership for its in-depth explorations of food safety issues, with reporting from Washington, Denver, Seattle and around the country – inside the beltway, and inside the “belt” way. Again, available by RSS, email, Twitter, and Facebook