I am sitting at the 3rd International Conference for Food Safety and Quality (I already did my Keynote speech) listening to a microbiologist explain some new bacterial test.  It made me recall that I took a picture of the meal that someone I had dinner with last night:

Yes, that is actually Steak Tartare.  And, No, I did not eat any.  I had a well done steak.  And, No, I would not represent this normally very bright person if they become ill.

  • Coward. Get it? Cow-ard? It’s a joke, see, because it’s cow…oh bother.
    I plainly remember on several occasions growing up my mother grabbing a piece of raw hamburger out of the package and popping it in her mouth.
    Of course, back then meat was processed a lot differently than it is today. Progress!
    Tartare isn’t my thing, but I’ll order carpaccio at any place with the guts to have it on the menu. (Such as the fabulous Dee Felice in Newport, KY)
    My immune system isn’t compromised, and I always follow that appetizer with a nice high proof bourbon, you know, for health…:)