Sitting on my deck in the village of Oia on the Island of Santorini is about the last place I thought I would think about why my job is so important. I then received this email:

Hi Bill,

I hope you, your family and your terrific team in Seattle are doing well! I came across a "snippet" of you on Larry King-sort of vicariously when he announced his retirement-but it lead me to an interview you did along with Barbara Kowalcyk. I was very moved by her story, taken back to our own struggle with [our own daughter], and was reminded how lucky we were to dodge that bullet. I promptly looked into her organization…their goals…and ways to help spread their message. I hope to hear back very soon. If ever I may be able to help another family or support the work you do aside from your litigation, please don’t hesitate to ask. Not a day goes by that I don’t think how lucky we are to be traveling to colleges and planning [her] future.

You and your wonderful people "high in the sky" there in Seattle crossed my mind today!

All the Best,

[…..] Mom

I have had the honor in seventeen years to have represented (along with great lawyers and staff) thousands of people whose lives were forever changed because they ate food that a manufacturer did not take the proper precautions to remove a pathogen that then altered a life. I have had the privilege to have helped rebuild lives, or to have at least brought closure.

Even in Santorini, I am never far from being reminded of my job.