In today’s Washington Post it was reported that a state legislator from Fairfax County said that she plans to introduce a bill that would allow homeless shelters in Virginia to serve home-cooked food. The proposal from Del. Kristen J. Amundson (D-Fairfax) followed a Health Department decision to crack down on the use of such food in county shelters.  See full article – Bill Supports Home-Cooked Food

Under county code, food served in shelters and soup kitchens must come from county-approved facilities. County officials said they aimed to prevent food-borne illnesses in a medically vulnerable population.  But leaders of a coalition of Fairfax churches that plans to start a seasonal shelter program tomorrow said the ban makes it more difficult for volunteers to provide food for evening meals.  The county said yesterday that it has issued a temporary permit to let one church in the program, Bethany Lutheran, serve food from unapproved kitchens. County spokeswoman Merni Fitzgerald said the exception was granted because the church will provide shelter and food for only two days.

I certainly understand the Health Department’s concern about having food that is safe served to the homeless population.  However, I can see the point of advocates for feeding the homeless that "home-made" food may be the only food they might get.  Tough policy decisions,  Any thoughts?

  • Jay

    If the alternative is no food at all, I would take my chances.

  • i agree with you 100%. Who knows, perhaps some of those poor people are Diabetic or have other disease such as being Diabetic. None of us are alike. We all have sickness and ask yourself, What would Jesus do.