A few days ago I posted this:

A few months ago I offered to give a book to each new person who subscribed to my blog up to 500 – I have 200 hardcover books left (now about 50).  So, the next 200 new subscribers will get a free hardcover book. 

I then added:

Just subscribe here and email me your address at bmarler@marlerclark.com.

I think I should have been clearer – make sure you send me your MAILING ADDRESS so I can mail the book.  Sorry for the confusion.  I have not figured out how to email a hardcover book.

  • Donna Lloyd

    My dad is Clarence D Wellsbwho passed away from a listeria afflicciliaill on August 31. Very liyylrb has Bren for thr famililies

  • Kathy Wolfe

    Your book came in the mail today. Just in time for me to read over the long weekend.

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  • Roger Beeman

    Thank You so much for the book. I have read about a third of it, and to me, it reads like a novel, and is very frightening . I have been a sanitarian for 35 years and have helped investigate many food borne illness outbreaks, over the years, but nothing like the events depicted in this book.
    It was a watershed moment in how the general public views food safety issues.