I had the honor of talking extensively with KCTS producer Terry Murphy about food safety.  I’m looking forward to seeing the piece, which airs this Friday in the Seattle area, and will then be online.

On Friday, April 16, Seattle’s public television station, KCTS 9, will premiere an original report on food safety. The piece is the culmination of months of research, and includes interviews with prominent voices in food safety, including Bill Marler and Mansour Samadapour.   The report will air on KCTS Connects with Enrique Cerna at 7:30 PM. After the broadcast, the report will be available for online viewing by visiting the station’s website.

KCTS 9 Connects with Enrique Cerna is a weekly exploration of news, politics and culture.   The show tackles “provocative and emotional topics important to people in the Northwest and British Columbia.” This is the 10th season for award-winning journalist Enrique Cerna. The report is produced by Terry Murphy.