Despite postponing the Conference from late September until this week for the 60th anniversary of the Revolution, CIFSQ once again put on a quality Conference with several hundred in attendance for dozens of countries. Food Safety News – was a presence – sponsoring the speaker’s dinner the first night of the Conference. Please check out the speakers list

This was the third year that Marler Clark was one of the lead sponsors of the event. I was asked by one of the attendees after my keynote address (topic was the Peanut Corporation of America Salmonella outbreak) why we would take the time to support a Conference thousands of miles from home. Bottom line is that the Conference makes sense to support because the Chinese care about food safety. Shocked, do not be. The Chinese Government and business (some would argue they are one in the same), get that selling food to the USA and other countries requires that you not poison the customers. My goal is simply to support their understanding that poisoning customers have legal and financial consequences.