In 2008 we saw this shocking video of the use of "downer cows" in the food supply at a company that supplied the meat into the food supply broadly (143,000,000 pounds eventually recalled) and the school lunch program specifically.

Now, more video today?  This time it is "dower pigs."  So, where the hell is this "little piggy going to market?"  Bacon anyone?

So, what is the meat industry thinking?  What is the USDA and FSIS doing?

  • dick raymond

    Bill, a “downer” is an animal that is non-ambulatory when it presents for inspection. I do npot know about the pigs, but the cows in the video were ambulatory when they presented for inspection and were passed. They later became tired, or injured. The video shows inhumane treatment and reveals that the PH Vet was not asked, as was legal then, to come and examine the animal and determine if it was non-ambulatory because of an acute injury and still go to slaughter with a label of “US Suspect”. Because that step was omitted, the animal and others like it had not been “adequately inspected” as required. Therefore meat recalled even though public health risk was nearly Zero. Where was FSIS? In the plant performing other inspection activities. They are not in the pens 24/7.

  • Dick Raymond wrote:
    >They later became tired, or injured.
    Tired?!? What are they tired from, a long day at work?
    These are animals subjected to horrific conditions at every stage of their lives. And yet the pork spokesperson calls them “fatigued pigs.” Brutal factory farm conditions and rough transport, not fatigue, are the underlying causes.

  • Bob Smith

    People need to start taking responsibility for their own actions. Ecoli 0157H7 has been in the news enough that EVERYONE should know that they need to cook their burgers well done. If you don’t you must realize you are taking a chance of becoming ill. Ecoli 0157H7 is NOT an adulterant and there is no way you can prevent it in hamburger. It is a natural pathogen found in beef. Cook your burgers till all juices run clear and you won’t run a chance of becoming ill.

  • Bob, E. coli O157:H7 is an adulterant (has been since 1994) and ‚Äújuices run clear‚Äù was given up long ago by the USDA/FSIS for the use of a thermometer.

  • Marymary

    @Bob Smith: E. coli O157:H7 has been found in foods other than ground beef.