Dan Mitchell of Slate’s “Daily Bread” wrote this morning "Lawyers Launch Food Safety News Site:"

Marler Clark, perhaps the best-known law firm involved in food-safety litigation, has launched a news site that the firm describes as "a daily Web-based newspaper dedicated to reporting on issues surrounding food safety."

Bill Marler, the firm’s managing partner, will continue writing his opinionated MarlerBlog, in addition to contributing to the new site, called Food Safety News.

In a Q&A on the site, Marler said that until now, there was no "up-to-date one-stop place for food safety information." He’s also "been disappointed to see reporters on the food, health, and product safety beats lose their jobs to the fall of print journalism and the rise of consolidated media."

Despite Marler’s standing as a fierce critic of (and lawsuit filer against) the food industry, he promises the site will offer "balanced reporting" as well as commentary.

The site’s editor, Dan Flynn, has worked both in public relations and journalism. He is working from Denver, while other staffers work out of Washington, D.C., and Seattle, where Marler Clark is based.

The site is well-designed, clean, and user-friendly—all relatively rare, especially among news sites. In addition to news of outbreaks of foodborne illnesses and product recalls, there are sections for policy and law, litigation, and international food-safety news.

Dan Mitchell has written for The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, and Wired.