Well, if this keeps up I may be out of business shortly.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — The owners of the Havana restaurant in West Palm Beach have come up with a proactive approach to get in front of the Hepatitis A outbreak.

Rafael Perez said when he learned health officials had issued a public health emergency over a recent Hepatitis A outbreak, he and his family decided to do something.

“I spoke to my wife and said how can we put a stop to this,” Perez said. “How can we help out?”

Perez said he discussed it with his physician, Dr. Kenneth Jaffe, and decided to offer free vaccinations to his employees.

“We had talked, multiple conversations about it,” Jaffe said. “I said why don’t we just vaccinate everybody who works in the restaurant so that it doesn’t come here.”

On June 14, Perez paid Dr. Jaffe and his team to come in and vaccinate all of the employees.

Employee Margarita Mora jumped at the chance to take advantage of the offer.

“It’s safer for us, it’s safer for your customer, it’s safer for your family,” Mora said.

Both Jaffee and Perez are challenging other restaurant owners to do the same, and they also want to present the idea to lawmakers.

“Maybe we should mandate higher standards within the restaurant industry, and one of those being Hepatitis A,” Jaffe said.