I have been asked to present a short overview of legal implications of Raw Milk this Sunday at the AVMA Convention here in Seattle.  Below is the outline.  There will be one video too.  I also have been asked to re-post my literature review on the Pros and Cons of Raw Milk.  I am also posting the "rebuttal" of those papers by the folks at Weston Price.

  • nancy

    Are you bought out by big pharma, big agribusiness, big dairy farms, big government?
    You are a FOOL. You are a bacteria-phobe.
    Stop pushing your fear on others. Stop contributing to the fear and the control of our food! Leave our raw milk alone.

  • Nancy, really? I just sued Nestle and JBS Swift in the last week on behalf of E. coli victims.

  • Jeff

    Hey Nancy, it’s not about big pharma or ag. It’s about deep pockets. Mr. Marler has found a way to enrich himself. There is no concern about reality or real science just the bottom line. The problem with milk is not the product but the processing. People have been drinking natural wholesome milk for 10,000 years. Follow the ambulance it leads to the end of the rainbow.

  • Nancy thinks I am in the pocket of “Big Everything” and Jeff thinks it is about “lining my pockets.” I find it hard to argue with them when they approach the issue from such far away and wrong positions.
    Like it our not, I represent people who can not afford to hire a lawyer to represent them. I get paid only if I win. I primarily represent kids who have been severely injured by consuming food contaminated by pathogens that should have never been in the food in the first place.
    Most of the cases I do – I sued Nestle and JBS Swift last week on behalf of children who suffered kidney failure – are against large, multi-national corporations. Yes, I have sued raw milk farmers who sold tainted product.
    For me it is about making companies – large and small – be responsible for what they produce. I am proud of what I do and I am honored to represent people.
    Jeff and Nancy – I hope that you never have a child sickened by the food they consume.
    On fathers day I met with the family of a 7 year old girl who died because the hamburger she ate with her grandfather at a VFW picnic was tainted with E. coli O157:H7. Yesterday I spoke with a young father whose 3 year old daughter suffered kidney failure and a stroke because Nestle Cookie Dough had E. coli O157:H7 in it. Each family has been torn apart. Each family has thousands of dollars in bills and the surviving child has a life time of complications.
    These people need help. The companies who sold the poisoned products must be held accountable. I have the ability to do it.
    You should cherish the rights of citizens to stand up for themselves – not scorn it.

  • Harwood Schaffer

    It is impossible to keep people like Nancy from drinking raw milk and taking the associated risk of illness and death. However if they feed it to their child and the child gets sick and dies, shouldn’t they be arrested for manslaughter? What happens if the neighbor’s child drinks the raw milk and gets sick and dies because a small amount of manure fell into the milk bucket or was left on the cow’s teat? How will Nancy explain that to the neighbor?
    Pasteurization of milk has been one of the great public health triumphs. It has eliminated an untold number of deaths in the US alone.

  • Marnita Causby

    Harwood – Are you serious? The farmers I know would never have anything like that happen. Farmers who sell raw milk don’t treat their animals like that. They are very very clean and serious about staying clean and never letting anything like that happen. You must be thinking of the big dairy farms where the cows don’t get to eat grass every day and all the other nastiness that goes on at those farms. Now those farms are the ones that need to have the milk pasteurized! Raw milk farmers are made to keep a higher standard on their farms which I think they are proud of. They want people to be able trust their milk and they do. Not just because they know the farmer, but that helps. They trust it because they have health inspectors come out all the time to test.
    Bill Marler – I’m glad that you have helped families that need someone to help them fight these big companies because of food safety. All that I ask you is to make sure that you don’t take away people’s rights to drink raw milk if they so choose. Yes, raw milk dairy farmers need to be kept at a higher level safety wise than pasteurized farms. Actually, it would be great if all dairy farms were kept at that higher level of safety. But, let us be able to choose to drink it. If we know the risks associated with it and we trust our dairy farmer and he has met the safety tests, I think it is our choice.

  • I’ve been drinking raw milk for quite some time now, and it would be
    a travesty to make it unavailable to those educated enough to want it.
    And when you have lots of acidophilus and bifidum bacteria in your system,
    nothing else really has the chance to get in. People taking antibiotics are
    leaving themselves vulnerable to any bad bacteria out there.
    A few drop of food grade hydrogen peroxide at home seems to do the trick.
    We must not persecute an entire group of farmers and consumers because of a few anomalies. Raw grass-fed milk IMO is FAR superior to any conventional and pasteurized milk. No comparison.

  • Marymary

    I’d be willing to bet cash money that most, perhaps all, of the people who have been sickened by consumption of raw milk had the same beliefs as Jeff, Nancy, Anthony, and Marnita before they became ill. A farmer, whether large or small, does not have to intend to let bacteria into the cow’s milk for the bacteria to be there and to thrive. Observable surface cleanliness is nice and desirable, but it is not a guarantee that raw milk is free of microbes that could make you seriously ill.
    Unless there is some way to test every single batch of raw milk for multiple different microbes, and all producers of raw milk are availing themselves of such testing and throwing out unsafe product, I don’t know how any “safety tests” could assure consumers that raw milk is safe.

  • Dina

    It is so hard for me to believe that people are so ignorant to think that raw milk could be harmful. It is the way it was meant to be consumed. What is harmful is government involvement in our food supply. Buy local, clean, fresh food and raw milk. Don’t be victim to the food industries pocket books. As well as the ridiculous new government medical insurance that we are being threaten with. Eat well and be healthy. We don’t need government for that.

  • marre sadig

    So, you are doing this for the helpless?
    Why don’t you start a lawsuit against the makers of baby formula that is 50% sugar?
    Just how nourishing is that going to be?
    It’s a formula for infants who can’t tolerate milk, it’s got a variety of sugars, glucose, dextrose, maltose, a touch of milk casein, some soy oil and thickeners.
    It’s enriched of course, but it’s still basically sugar water at $27 a can.
    Actually I hear that there are no restrictions or requirements on infant formula, it just can’t be made of raw milk.
    What’s in that baby’s bottle?
    Oh, and this is a major manufacturer of infant formula. I checked and even the regular formula has a high level of sugars in it. And there is no proof that the addition of these new DHA and AHA or whatever is actually safe for babies.
    Just because it is found in breast milk doesn’t mean they know how or when to add such to a formula safely. It’s a claim not proof.
    That’s not to mention that they know that they powdered formula has a high level of contamination from bacteria that forms as part of the manufacturing process. They can’t prevent it, formula has a moisture content that makes it great for fungus and bacteria to grow before it’s put in cans.
    Our babies are being used as guinea pigs and pay for it. If it harms the baby, who’s responsible?
    The manufacturer or the mother who chose not to breastfeed?

  • Rusty

    Re: Dina: Just who “meant us” to consume animal milk in the first place? The Lord? Because we had the brains to try it? Ok, but then don’t we also have the brains to figure out that heating kills bacteria?
    One of the posters above had the right idea but the wrong anti-raw-milk zeal. Consenting adults should do be free to do what they want.